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Networking Events

Effortless Networking!

You mean Networking can REALLY be effortless??!!

Are you tired of the traditional networking events where people pass you their business card without even asking you anything about youself?

Are you ready for a fresh new way to network such that it doesn't feel like "work"?

If so, read more about this hands-on workshop and networking event combined!

Many of us relate to networking as hard work, a struggle, pushing our services or products and that dreaded word..."selling"! It doesn't have to be that way! In this highly interactive session, you will learn a new way to relate to networking that you won't even realize you're doing it! You will have the opportunity to practice several techniques in a safe and welcoming environment and you will begin to see how effortless it can really be.

You will leave with:
  • an expanded network of like minded individuals
  • invitations to pursue future connections
  • increased confidence in your role within your profession
  • reusable techniques that can be applied to many situations
  • increased new business, contacts through other referrals
  • a new perspective that collaboration through networking can be fun!
Join us and experience networking... with a twist!

For further questions: e-mail or call 303-413-8001

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR Jean M. DiGiovanna, founder of ThinkPeople, is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach, Mentor Coach and Facilitator with over 20 years of experience. Jean coaches people through life and career transitions and runs life strategies workshops empowering them to have a life they love. Through coaching, adventure based learning and speaking, Jean works with Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and teams to improve their effectiveness, creativity and communication. She develops tools and products for Coaches and works with coaches helping them access their power and expand their view of what is possible for them as coaches. She balances her career with being an artist and dancer and enjoys integrating her passions.

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