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Attracting what you want...EFFORTLESSLY!

We all want a great relationship, a fabulous job we absolutely LOVE, a nice home, and environment to thrive in and great friends and supportive family. But, where we are today and where we REALLY want to be can look very different. The question is, how do we get there?

Creating and designing your life the way you want starts with gaining clarity on your desires and needs and powerfully setting intentions aligned with your desires. In this workshop, you will learn easy-to-use tools to attract what you truly want in your life instead of using force or control to make it happen. You will walk away with immediate actions to begin to attract what you want and create the life you've imagined!

You will leave the workshop with:
  • A Model for powerfully setting intentions to get what you REALLY want
  • Tools and techniques to create life intentions
  • A clear intention in an area of your life you would like to change
  • Tools to address barriers to moving toward your desires
  • Customized goal and action plan to move forward in your focused area
If you're looking to attract what you TRULY desire, this is the workshop for you!

For further questions: e-mail or call 303-413-8001

Cancellation Policy:
Full refunds will be given up to 4 days before the workshop begins. If you cancel within 4 days of the workshop, you can either credit your fee toward any future workshop within 3 months, or get a refund of 50% of the total fee. No refunds available if you cancel the day of the workshop. In case of emergency, a full refund will be honored.

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR Jean M. DiGiovanna, founder of ThinkPeople, is a Professional Facilitator, Corporate Trainer, Certified Personal and Professional Coach and Public Speaker with over 20 years of experience. Jean facilitates life strategy workshops to people of all walks of life and empowers them to have a life they love. Through Professional Facilitation, Coaching, Adventure based learning and Speaking, Jean works with Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and teams to improve their effectiveness, creativity and communication. She delivers comprehensive training courses in communication, leadership and train-the-trainer courses to fortune 500 companies, high-tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. She balances her career with being an artist and dancer and enjoys integrating her passions.

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