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Standing in Your Personal Power - Using Your Voice

Are you honoring what is most important to you and living the life you really want?

Do you find it difficult to stand up for what you truly want, especially when it means having to say no?

As men and women, so much of our roles have changed over the last decades, however, many of us still struggle to truly stand in our power and request what we need. Its as if weve lost our voice. What is it to fully stand in your power? To stand firmly in your beliefs, honor your values and request what you truly desire because YOU deserve it!

This workshop will provide the tools and techniques to help you access your personal power and create the life YOU truly want!

You will leave the workshop with:
  • A definition of what personal power is to you
  • Clarity on what is truly important to you
  • Understanding of the 5 Power Centers - A framework to help access your personal power
  • Tools and techniques that bring you back into your full power in the moment
  • The ability to say YES and NO from a place of power and freedom
  • Specific actions to take on immediately in your life to stand in your personal power and use your voice
Join us to experience a breakthrough in what it is to be powerful!

Date: TBD
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Place: TBD
Cost: $55 (Checks & Credit Cards Accepted)

Cancellation Policy:
Full refunds will be given up to 4 days before the workshop begins. If you cancel within 4 days of the workshop, you can either credit your fee toward any future workshop within 3 months, or get a refund of 50% of the total fee. No refunds available if you cancel the day of the workshop. In case of emergency, a full refund will be honored.

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR Jean DiGiovanna, President and Founder of ThinkPeople, a coaching & consulting firm, has a unique gift for shifting people's perspective allowing them to achieve beyond what they thought was possible. Jean is a Certified Professional Coach and Member of the National Speakers Association with over 15 years of coaching, facilitating and training experience in both professional and personal arenas. Jean helps individuals and groups pinpoint their deepest desires to accomplish what matters most and guides executives and their teams to achieve professional excellence enabling them to transform challenges into immediate bottom line results. Jean enjoys balancing her professional life with her talent as an artist and jewelry designer.

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